Oil-less Air Compressor Systems

Conventional compressed-air processing has technical and economical limits. New approaches and technologies are required. At Aero Compressor we represent the worlds leading manufacturers of oil-less & oil-free compressors, compressed air purification and compressed air monitoring equipment. This allows us to help your company to identify and maintain the correct level of compressed air purity and the means to monitor and record this data. This helps to protects the financial integrity of your company and the overall quality of your product.

In the Food and Drug Industry there are no “hard and fast” compressed air quality standards except for breathing air requirements.  It is recommended that all food and drug manufacturers developed a compressed air quality monitoring program that can be validated and is repeatable for verification and compliance for FDA enforced Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). This program should be administered by a qualified technician capable of determining the requirements needed to protect the employees and the integrity of the product being produced. There are also ISO guidelines established to help assist manufacturers in developing there plan. Failure to maintain records of the monitoring and validation program for an FDA Audit could result in fines or plant closure. See the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition for additional information that may be helpful: http://www.fda.gov/Food/


AC-Hitachi-oil-free-compressorAlmost a century of compressed air technology manufacturing over 15,000 Oil free rotary screw compressors and more that 13,000 oil less scroll compressors…a true pioneer in the oil free compressor industry…100% oil free compressed air, zero harmful emissions, low sound and virtually vibration free.



AC-Powerex-oil-free-compressorThe leader in pure air technology! Introduced the first dry scroll and the first composite piston compressor technology in the U.S. market… producing custom engineered packaging to meet or exceed your oil free compressed air needs. Complete packaged NFPA99 compliant medical air and vacuum systems available.

Beko USA

AC-Beko-oil-free-compressorProviding economical, safe and ecologically responsible solutions for the oil free, contaminant free compressed air user. The BEKOKAT catalytic oil removal system generates ISO 8573-1 grade compressed air regardless of the compressed air source. Coupled with a BEKO OILCONTROL compressed air quality monitoring system you will have an easy to validated oil free compressed air system…Guaranteed!