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Sullair Dryers

Sullair Dryers

Today more than ever the quality and purity of your compressed air can make the difference between success and failure, profit or loss on your production line. For this reason Aero Compressor has assembled a variety of compressed air dryer, filter, treatment and analysis equipment from leading manufacturers across the globe.

BEKO USA provides high quality dryers and filters but also the only catalytic oil removal device available the BEKOKAT®. With an achievable residual oil content of 0.003 mg/m³ maximum the BEKOKAT® catalysis technology is setting new standards in compressed-air conditioning. After intensive development, BEKOKAT® realizes the possibilities of this technology and combines it with the requirements of its practical utilization together with a high level of reliability.

BEKOKAT® made the breakthrough.

Virtually Zero Residual Oil Content

Typical oil-free applications:

  • Breathable air
  • Medical engineering
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Measuring technology
  • Conveyance of hygroscopic food

Sullair’s Air Treatment products are the ideal complement to its rotary screw compressors.

Sullair dryers are matched to the capacities of the compressors. The refrigerated dryers remove water vapor from the compressed air to a pressure dew point of 35 degrees F. Sullair desiccant dryers are ideal for outdoor use and provide dry air with dew points as low as -100° F . Like the Sullair dryers, the Sullair compressed air filters are matched perfectly to system capacity. The filters remove contaminants to 0.01 micron. The compressed air reaching your equipment is virtually free of lubricants, particulates, and aerosols. Sullair drains complete the task by removing water from the system.

To complete the line-up of top products we at Aero Compressor represent Hankison Compressed Air Dryers, Filters and Membrane Technology and Beko Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers, Dual Tower Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers and Filters.

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