Sullair Parts

A Sullair compressor is a highly engineered system, rugged and reliable, with every part designed and built to important, sometimes critical, specifications. That’s why when replacement parts are needed, it is essential to use only Genuine Sullair Replacement Parts.

Specifically designed to fit Sullair equipment and manufactured to Sullair standards, Sullair replacement parts assure that you will continue to get the performance your Sullair equipment was designed to deliver. Sullair offers a full range of high efficiency separators, downstream filter elements and compressor fluid filters for its compressed air equipment, all made of the highest quality materials available.

Recognizing that the key to long life in a rotary screw compressor is the fluid that lubricates it, Sullair has developed fluids just for rotary screw compressors, and for the way you use them. Putting our wide experience in fluid technology to work for you, we’ve matched the useful service life of our fluids to your plant operation and maintenance schedules: 24KT® fluid for around-the-clock use, year after year, with a 10-year warranty on the 24KT compressor air end; Sullube® 8000-hour compressor fluid; SRF 1/4000® one-year or 4000-hour compressor fluid; and AWF,® all-weather compressor fluid for portable compressors, with 5-year portable air end warranty.

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